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We are an Africa centric outdoor media company

Our clients enjoy standard and bespoke solutions, all tailored to maximize their return on investment [ROI] and ensure the best possible brand or message staging. We have a deep understanding of human behavior and current consumer needs and trends, and we use these insights to inform both our siting decisions and the advice we give to the brands we work with. After all, doing business with us is more than just a means to an end, but rather a critical part of your brand story – we take this very seriously.

Our clients enjoy

standard and bespoke solutions, all tailored to maximize their return on investment.

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Three pillars of successful advertising

These are top-level attributes that drive our choice in what we offer to our clients and how we select our advertising sites. We make sure that in all our markets each advertising site checks off all three attributes, but more importantly the first two.

The attributes we consider pillars of successful advertising are: identification, recognition and stimulation.

It is our goal to ensure that your advert is optimized as best as possible to have these attributes.

More value for you

Your audience will make their choices based on the stimulation that is generated by the message you give them. However, stimulation is often something we are unable to guarantee, as that may also depend on the level of genius in how your message is structured – that is often beyond our control.
But we have a solution for you.

Our unique billboard designs amplifies your message

As people, we identify things we can see. So we strive to ensure that all our advertising sites as are as uncrowded as possible, in order to maximize your brand’s visibility.

Based on research, we have made a deliberate decision to have our sites with black billboard boarders. In-fact, we’re the first in our markets to do this. Why is this important?

Unlike white boarders, which most of our competitors use, black tends to blend in with any artwork that is placed within it. More importantly, it is visually silent, which enable your message to be visually amplified, without your audience’s mind trying to process it as critical information as well. This becomes more important in high traffic speed regions, where the average impact-time is about 2-3 seconds. This is the window for your message to create impact, and you want as little distractions from your message as possible.

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