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Outdoor advertising

Our outdoor media division specializes in outdoor/out-of-home advertising. We have placed outdoor media in Zimbabwe, and have more than 100 sites to choose from. Our advertising media includes billboards, wall sites, building wraps, mobile van advertising, school bins and other signage.

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With over 100 billboard sites, this is our most popular business sector. We have erected some of the largest outdoor media and remain a fast growing outdoor media company.

Our outdoor billboards come in various sizes: 3Mx6M, 3Mx12M, 6Mx6M, 6Mx12M, 5Mx11M, 5Mx7M and 6Mx24M.

We are committed to work with our clients to develop their brands. We go a step further, consulting with our clients on the type of media they require and specific locations at which they require such media. For example: a brand campaign may require billboards in portrait orientation and in a particular place. We work with the you to erect these new billboards to your specified size and location.

Wall wraps

We have various rights to a number of buildings in our markets.

Our wall sites are located in such a manner that they may be viewed from a number of angles targeting both motorists and pedestrian traffic in LSM 3.

This is an effective way to communicate your brand message in a BIG way and make a memorable statement.

Creative outdoor

BW Media thrives on creativity. Why don’t you give us your advertising brief and see the wonders we can come up with for your brand.

We are capable of producing the most eye-catching outdoor campaigns for your brand.
Try us for a “No frills” estimate based on your advertising brief

Truck & trailer advertising

We have developed truck and trailer advertising. This advertising is based on a particular route chosen by the client, and our truck/trailer bearing your advertisement will travel on the chosen rout at a particular time. Our trailers are placed at strategic points and left at that particular point for the agreed time.

Truck advertising creates the moving brand awareness for your campaign, whilst trailers give you am immediate solution where other media may not be used.

School bin advertising

Why not advertise to the school parents and children. BW Media has school advertising bins in most schools. The perfect place to advertise for brands aimed at school children and parents whilst promoting cleanliness around the school.

Our school bin advertising is sold on a per school basis, with each school having four to six bins to advertise on. Should your desired schools be taken, simply make a booking and you will be the first to be notified when it becomes available.


Street furniture

We provide street furniture advertising in the following media:

Directional-signs, tower-lights, street-finders, place-name adverts, community bins, bus-stops, in-bus advertising.

General signage

If you are a business owner, we may provide you with all the signage necessary for your business to be visible.

Our creative team may at your request design and plan your whole outdoor and indoor brand (this is from logo and stationery to signage design), and recommend the right outdoor medium to get your business noticed.

Bespoke adverts

We do specialized advertising, irregardless of size.

If your are like some of our clients who come with a preconceived concept, we can bring your ideas to life. This includes applying for necessary permits and approvals from council and other relevant authorities.

We do everything outdoor: Ambush marketing, creative-and-over-the-top…you name it!

Production, installation & flighting

All production, installation, flighting and decommissioning of our outdoor products are done in-house.

Our  riggers and production teams are experienced and confident with such requirements and more.

Creative design

that stands out, communicates, triggers, and gives you mileage.

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